Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3rd Tallest Waterfall recently discovered

The Gocta Waterfall (Spanish: Catarata del Gocta), a waterfall with two drops, has been known for centuries to the local residents in Peru's province of Chachapoyas in the Peruvian Department of Amazonas, which is approximately 700 kilometers to the north-east of Lima. Its existence was made public following an expedition in 2005 by German Stefan Ziemendorff with a group of Peruvian explorers. At the time of his discovery he successfully persuaded the Peruvian government to map the falls and to measure their height. On 11 March 2006, following his third expedition to the falls, he held a press conference, the contents of which were published by several of the world's wire services. He stated that the total height was accurately measured at 771 meters (2,532 feet), based on outdated and incomplete information gleaned from the National Geographic Society, which ranked Gocta as the third tallest free-leaping waterfall in world after Angel Falls in Venezuela and Tugela Falls in South Africa.Taken from:

Audrey Hepburn On Beauty

Beauty Tips From Audrey Hepburn - Written By Audrey Hepburn.
For Attractive Lips, Speak Words Of Kindness.
For Lovely Eyes, Seek Out The Good In People.
For A Slim Figure, Share Your Food With The Hungry.
For Beautiful Hair, Let A Child Run His Or Her Fingers Through It Once A Day.
For Poise, Walk With The Knowledge You'll Never Walk Alone.
People, Even More Than Things,
Have To Be Restored, Renewed, Revived,
Reclaimed, And Redeemed;
Never Throw Out Anybody.
Remember, If You Ever Need A Helping Hand, You'll Find One At The End Of Your Arm.
As You Grow Older, You Will Discover That You Have Two Hands,
One For Helping Yourself, The Other For Helping Others.
The Beauty Of A Woman Is Not In The Clothes She Wears,
The Figure That She Carries,
Or The Way She Combs Her Hair.
The Beauty Of A Woman Must Be Seen From In Her Eyes,
Because That Is The Doorway To Her Heart,
The Place Where Love Resides.
The Beauty Of A Woman Is Not In A Facial Mole,
But True Beauty In A Woman Is Reflected In Her Soul.
It Is The Caring That She Lovingly Gives, The Passion That She Shows.
And The Beauty Of A Woman With Passing Years Only Grows!
I have always loved her insight and wanted to share it with you!

Houston Zoo Adopts This Cute As A Button Critter

The more I see these Red Pandas the more I want one. See more photos and amazing article here:

World's Greatest Bathrooms

This bathroom is not only golden but it's stalls contain plasma TV's that play the song "Gold Finger". More to be read and seen here:

Paris Jackson Speaks

No matter what your opinion of Michael is... his children are innocent!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scene Outside The Staples Center

Jackson's Body To Be At Memorial

Michael Jackson's body will be brought to the memorial service at Staples Arena in downtown Los Angeles today, a source involved in the planning told CNN. The memorial will follow a private family gathering at a Los Angeles cemetery. full story