Thursday, May 20, 2010

Clever Hacked Stop Signs

Beautiful Cigar Box Art

Busy Week

Almost done with the packing now just need to place the boxes in the car.The pets were shipped last Sunday and made their destination safe and sound with tons of snuggles from my 2 grandkids .They weren't too happy being crated up as they had free run here at home.In 2 weeks we will reunite with them..The house has been way too quiet without the furballs . Kind of like sending kids away to summer camp except they don't write or complain about the weather .We sure do miss them ..
Last night my gal friends took me out to dinner at a place called Hula Hands .I hadn't tried Hawaiian food before and I still haven't because I bravely ordered spam,eggs, and rice .At least I could pronounce those and all were familiar to me. We all had fun and I got pics on my camera phone so will have someone show me how to download them.Not tech savvy at all..Texting is something I will learn when they have a huge touchscreen so I don't mess up. I tried texting Mother's Day greetings and all I sent was Gaaaaaaaaaaa ..Sent before I could change it .Born in the wrong age I guess...Actually I bet we can all say that -even the whipper snappers who can text blind-folded.Their kids will laugh at them and say" Wow. You used to have to text? Now we just ........." Uh huh !
Have a great day and notice all the things around you that make you smile today! The past doesn't matter- Live for the moment you are in right now.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I just realized it has been almost a year since I blogged about anything..It has been a busy year and about to get even busier because we are moving out of Alaska in less than 3 weeks..The change is a long-awaited one at least on my part.I don't think hubby-friend is quite as thrilled as I am..I miss my family and being able to drive in all 4 directions and actually be getting somewhere .
Not sure where we will settle the ole tushies yet, but will definitely be a farm out in the boonies.Our dogs need the barking room with no neighbors to complain and I crave getting down and dirty in a good way .
Hope all you Moms and single dads had a super Mother's Day!Mine was relaxing and lazy...My kind of day *insert smile*.